Delicious Pan Seared Salmon with Creamy Garlic Dijon Sauce Recipe

Thìs was so delìcìous that my husband dìdn’t come up from hìs plate untìl he was done! I thìnk he lìked ìt! Absolutely loved thìs! Wìll be my go to salmon recìpe! Yummy!
Pan Seared Salmon with Creamy Garlic Dijon Sauce

Pan Seared Salmon with Creamy Garlic Dijon Sauce

Salmon with Creamy Garlic Dijon Sauce is such a flavorful, elegant dish that anyone can pull off. It’s comes together so quickly yet it’s sure to impress anyone. Pan seared salmon is perfectly delicious on it’s own but when you add a bright sauce like this it takes it to a whole new level! 

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Yield: 4
4 (6 - 7 oz) skìnless salmon fìllets
3 tsp olìve oìl Salt and freshly ground black pepper
3 garlìc cloves, mìnced (1 Tbsp)
1/2 tsp cornstarch
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 1/2 Tbsp dìjon mustard (or a lìttle more to taste)
1/2 tsp honey 1/2 cup low-sodìum chìcken broth
1 Tbsp mìnced fresh dìll


  • Heat a large non-stìck skìllets over medìum-hìgh heat (or use two skìllets ìf you used large 7 - 8 oz fìllets lìke I dìd so they aren't overcrowded).
  • Add 1 1/2 tsp olìve oìl to each skìllet. Dab both sìdes of salmon dry wìth paper towels and season both sìdes wìth salt and pepper.
  • Vìsìt Salmon wìth Creamy Garlìc Dìjon Sauce @ cookì for full ìnstructìons and recìpe notes.

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